You would be hard pushed to find an industry or company in the South of Spain (or indeed anywhere) that has not been hugely impacted, in one way or another, by COVID-19.

As you might imagine, the short-term holiday rentals industry is certainly up there with industries that have suffered at the hand of the crisis, and sadly for some, it has led to the end of the road.

For others, such as ourselves, it has forced us to adapt and change the way we work, to be more efficient, more aware, and more collaborative. As an industry, we need to stick together and support one another to ensure that when the market returns, we can all prosper which is why are delighted to announce our ongoing collaboration with local Swedish rentals agent Scandic Feel rentals, part of Spanska Fastigheter.

This long-term relationship will enable us to take over the full Scandic Feels rentals property portfolio as the company has decided to refocus its attention away from holiday rental property management.

Additionally, we are pleased to let all our Swedish owners know that we will soon also be able to support the Swedish ROT/RUT tax relief scheme, which we hope will benefit you going forwards.

As everyone knows, with travel bans, lockdowns and quarantines, there have been little to no tourists in this beautiful part of the world, so over the past year, whilst demand has been low, we have been focused on our supply. Together with the help of our Scandic Feels rentals collaboration and a big internal push for new properties, we have increased our portfolio by over 70 properties and counting. Ultimately, we want to ensure that we have the widest and best selection of properties for our holidaymakers when travel and tourism returns. From apartments to townhouses or bigger rural villas, from La Herradura all the way to Estepona, we promise to have exactly what you are looking for. As ever, should you need any help in finding the right accommodation for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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