Winter Rentals in Nerja

Most people think of Nerja as a summer holiday destination, however winter rentals are far more popular than you may think! Maybe you are considering renting a property in Nerja and its surrounding areas over the winter? If so, read on to find out if it is for you.


There are many benefits to renting a property in Nerja over the winter months. The most obvious is of course… the weather! Given that Nerja is in one of Southernmost parts of Europe, Andalucía, you can expect excellent weather almost all year round. Winter rentals typically run through October-March, when the average temperature ranges between 16°C to 23°C. It isn’t uncommon to enjoy plenty of days on the beach sunbathing even in January and February, or Christmas day by the pool! What’s more, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, even on chillier days there is still rarely rain.

Quieter Atmosphere

You may think that Nerja closes down for the winter as some other Southern European holiday destinations do, however you would be mistaken! Nerja, though much quieter than in the summer months, is still pleasantly busy over winter. Almost all the bars and restaurants you love stay open and it’s much easier to find a parking space! In fact, one of the best parts of renting in Nerja over the winter months is that you can enjoy almost all the perks of the summer but without the tourists.


If you’ve visited Nerja in the summer, you will know that there are an endless amount of activities to take part in. Likewise, in the winter that is still very much the case. In fact, some activities are even better in the winter than in the summer, when sometimes it can be far too hot. For example, walking, hiking and cycling are much more enjoyable through the winter months, without the insects and the hot summer temperatures.


Christmas and New Year in Spain are without doubt some of the best times of the year. The delicious food, beautiful decorations and nativities, Christmas markets, it’s not to be missed! You can take a trip to see the famous Málaga Christmas lights on Calle Larios which are an incredible sight, with three shows each night. The Spanish have many of their own traditions at this time of year which are great to experience, 12 grapes on New Years eve, anyone?

Low Cost

If we haven’t already convinced you with all of the above, then this last point is sure to steal it… the cost! The best part of all about enjoying a winter rental in Nerja is the fact that it is possible on a much lower budget than in the summer months. We have winter rental properties available starting from just €650 a month, the same price as a week’s accommodation in the summer. So, what are you waiting for?!

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