Covid-19 Impact on Holiday Makers Coming to Nerja
With the ever-changing situation with regards to COVID-19, it is sometimes hard to keep track of where, when and which restrictions are in place. Especially within the tourism sector where it isn’t just the local rules that matter, but also those of a long list of countries, relevant to an ever-international client base.

Latest Measures Enforced in Spain
Like many European countries, Spain is currently under stringent regulations which we hope will ensure that we’re able to celebrate Christmas with our nearest and dearest, as safely as possible. In addition to this though, as of November 23rd, a new nationwide rule has been introduced whereby for the foreseeable future, anyone entering the country, by sea or air, resident or not, will need to present a negative PCR test, taken within 72 hours of arrival. This will no doubt impact holiday makers coming to Nerja.

Who Is Impacted By The New Rules?
This rule applies to travellers coming from countries in high corona risk zones, which at present includes a long list of over 60 countries including the UK, Sweden, France and Germany. The list will be revaluated and updated every 15 days.

Light at the End of The Tunnel
In the short term this doesn’t jump off the page as the most positive news, in fact it seems just another rule to add to an already extensive list, but, we have to take comfort in knowing that it has already been trialled with success in other countries such as Dubai, for example. It is arguably also a much better step than the alternative which was rumoured to be a two-week quarantine upon arrival in Spain. A measure many countries have also implemented, but which would certainly make the prospect of travelling far less appealing.

In the long term, this should certainly help slow the spread of the Coronavirus ahead of the roll out of the new vaccine which seems to be the only real solution to this global pandemic, so it’s great news therefore to hear that scientists are hopeful this could begin as soon as December. It’s difficult times for everyone at the moment, but if there is one thing we know, it’s that once we come out the other side, everyone will want and will deserve a holiday, and we will be waiting to greet all our guests with open arms!

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