Booking T&C´s


Teamstar Holiday Rentals (referred to hereafter as THR / booking agent) are part of the Team Group 2000 S.L. and act as a booking agent on behalf of the property owners, featured on this website. Once a booking form has been issued by THR, on behalf of the owners, the acceptance of the booking form acts as the legally binding contract between the property owner and the holiday maker. The booking terms & conditions are explained below and also explain our involvement as the booking agent. The term "we / company" refers to THR, the term "you / your / clients" refers to the holiday maker.

Property listings:
The majority of our properties are maintained and serviced by THR. Some are maintained and serviced by the property owner.

Making a booking and paying for the booking:


Arrival and departure days:
The rental period commences from 16.00pm on the day of arrival to 10.00am on the day of departure. Any variation of these times is by prior arrangement only and will be subject to an additional charge. Any arrivals and / or departure outside of these times must be agreed with THR. Please note that requests for early check ins and late check outs that have been agreed prior to the rental period are subject to availability and can be cancelled by THR, in which case you will receive a full refund of your early check in or late check out payment.

On the day of your departure, it is a contractual obligation to empty all bins and remove all rubbish and to leave the rubbish in the nearest outside bin, to empty the dishwasher, wash all dishes, to put away into the kitchen cupboards and to wipe all surfaces. 

Keys and security:
During the rental period, the holiday makers are responsible for all keys and for their safe return to the booking agent or the key safe, whichever is applicable at the end of the rental period. Loss or misplacement of any keys while in your charge will incur a €50.00 replacement charge per key. If an external key is lost, then the locks will have to be changed for security reasons and the cost incurred to instruct a locksmith will be passed to the holiday maker. If keys are not returned at the end of the holiday at the agreed time and place, a charge will be applied for the replacement. 

Some of our properties have "key safes" fitted. In these cases you will be given your access code to open the "key safe". At all times when you leave the property the key has to be returned to the "key safe". In the event of members of THR or Teamstar Services needing access, if the keys are not left in the "key safe" a €30.00 charge will be applied. If you have locked yourselves out, and a member of THR is called to give access an €80.00 charge is applied. If the locksmith is called, because the keys are on the inside of the front door, in the lock, then a charge of €100.00 will be applied.

You are responsible for the security of the property at all times whilst in possession of keys and for the safe keeping of all items of the property within the property.

Behaviour and conduct:
All of our properties are situated in residential areas (and in most cases bound by the regulations set out by the administrators in agreement with the owners of the community). Therefore we would expect you to respect both the property and its furnishings, as well as your neighbours and the communal areas where appropriate. Any complaints reported from neighbours or members / employees of THR regarding unacceptable behaviour, will be treated very seriously and may result in the termination of the holiday contract and your eviction from the property. Under such circumstances we will not be under any obligation to make refunds for loss of the rental period or similar such claims.

Towels and laundry:
All bedding linen and bath towels are provided, beach and pool towels are NOT and must be provided by you. Bath towels provided must NOT be taken outside of the property or used by the pool or at the beach. Please note that in the event that bed linen and or upholstered furnishings ( internal and or external ) become permanently stained as a result of semi-permanent cosmetic products like henna tattoos rendering the fabric permanently stained, then the cost of replacement will be borne by the holiday makers.

Should you or any member of your party be responsible for breakages, loss or damage of any item of the property then a charge will be taken from your security deposit. Similarly if breakages / damage require additional cleaning then the cost will be taken from your security deposit. Please note any breakages will be charged for on a like for like / new purchase price basis plus the time incurred for purchase, delivery and installation where appropriate. 

Your accommodation:
This is reserved exclusively for the people named on the booking confirmation and no other persons are permitted to stay at the accommodation unless this has been agreed with us in writing and appropriate payments made (if applicable).

Maximum occupancy:
The details of occupants of the booked property must replicate those detailed on the booking form. Under no circumstances must the occupancy exceed the number of guests listed on the booking form. Failure to comply with this may result in eviction from the property.

In the event that after the booking is made and the number of names on the booking form exceed the number of beds available as stipulated per property on our web site, then we reserve the right to cancel the booking, in these circumstances a refund will not be available. For the avoidance of doubt a booking can´t be made comprising more people than available beds. 

Our properties:
All of our villas and apartments are privately owned and are furnished to the owners taste. Inevitably the standard and style will vary considerably from property to property and although we endeavour to give accurate descriptions, occasionally interiors / surroundings may differ from photos supplied. Please note that, ancillary items like washing up bowls, cutlery drainers, bath mats etc. may or may not be included. In the event that they are not included the company is not responsible for supplying these. The majority of communal pools are closed during the winter, and the opening and closure dates vary. We can't be held responsible if a swimming pool (private or communal) becomes unusable due to unforeseen circumstances.

We strive to maintain the highest standard in our properties, this can sometimes result in certain maintenance or repair work required to be carried out during your stay. In the unlikely event that work is required it is done we shall do our best to inform you of this via the contact numbers you have provided.

Our obligations and liability:
The accommodation featured in the THR programme is privately owned and we act as booking agents for and on behalf of the owners of the property. The renting terms and conditions have been acknowledged and agreed by the owner. We have inspected every property first hand and use our best endeavours to ensure that all the information provided in both our web site and printed matter is correct and accurate.

In addition we will use our best endeavours to inform holiday makers of any changes, wherever possible, before arrival in resort. However any changes made to the property's inventory is the responsibility of the owner and we can only accept responsibility if a complaint results from the negligent acts and/or omissions of our own employees, whilst acting in the course of their employment. If a holiday maker´s complaint refers to an obligation of the owner of the accommodation, the company will act as an intermediary and will commit to do the best in finding an acceptable solution on behalf of both parties.

The company cannot accept responsibility for any break down in utility services, such as gas, electricity and water, or any failure attributable to the holiday maker or party member or the actions of third parties unconnected with the provision of services or reasons of force majeur. Neither can the company accept responsibility for the provision of 3rd party services such as transfers / taxis / transportation in general and any such similar ancillary services. Nor can the company accept responsibility in the event of death, bodily injury or illness, which should in all cases be covered by travel insurance.

All holiday makers 16 years and over are required by law to register with THR the following information prior to arrival in Spain:-
Passport number and or identity card, issue date, first and surname, sex, date of birth, country of birth, nationality and arrival date in Spain. This is a governmental obligation and mandatory and forwarded to the authorities. THR accept no financial penalty for non-compliance of this requirement and any fine that may be applied as a result of THR not being in receipt of this information will be forwarded to the holidaymakers in question.

Non-smoking policy:
All THR properties are non-smoking properties.

No pets are permitted in the property at any time without the written confirmation from THR. A small selection of our property owners permit dogs to stay during long winter bookings. Where the company has agreed and permitted the inclusion of pets, THR will apply an additional cleaning charge payable by the holiday maker which is carried out on the day of their departure.

Special requests:
Please note all prices on the booking form are for pre-booked "holiday extras". In the event of bookings for holiday extras made in resort, then a delivery fee of €15.00 per item is applied. Should a "holiday extra" booking be made and subsequently cancelled, a cancellation charge of €10.00 will be applied. Any holiday extras which have been ordered and subsequently not paid for in the office within 48 hours of the holiday maker´s arrival, then THR will charge the holiday maker’s credit card an administration fee of €15.00.

Any other special requests must be put to THR in writing at time of booking and whilst we will make every effort to adhere to your requests, we cannot guarantee that we will always be successful. Please advise our reservations staff of any special requirements particularly as it relates to anyone in the party who might have any special requirements / needs. The geography and terrain of Nerja and surrounding areas tend to be hilly with many properties accessed by steps. Inland properties can be located close to mountainous regions which might be inappropriate for wheelchairs users or for holiday makers with walking and mobility difficulties.

TV / satellite TV:
On booking the property you will have been informed if a / what TV / Satellite system is installed in your property. Please do not attempt to retune the satellite TV's as this will incur the expense of a technician having to attend the property to sort out any problems. Please note that in January 2014 Spain lost its SKY "Freeview" connection (which provided all UK channels). Since then some of our property owners have installed alternative connections in order to supply foreign language channels. Any property which today offers these channels will have them listed under their property description at the bottom of the page for each property listing.

WIFI / internet:
Many of our owners have installed WIFI / internet. Properties which benefit from a connection are listed on our website. Teamstar holiday rentals do not accept any responsibility for loss of connection. We ask that you do not try to make any changes to the router set up, passwords or connections of wires. If a technician is required to resolve a connection issue and it is reported that it was "user error", the technicians charge will be passed onto the holiday makers.

What is and what isn't included in the inventory:
General cleaning material like dish washing liquid, detergent and products like cleaning wipes are not included, however toilet roll, tea towels, bath towels, hand towels and bedding are included. The quantity of toilet roles may not be sufficient for the holiday duration. The quantity is designed to avoid inconvenience to the start of the holiday.

"Bathroom" in the property description could be bathroom or shower room. All baths have a shower attachment.

Maintenance / interruptions:
Swimming pools and gardens are maintained regularly. From time to time routine maintenance repairs have to be carried out. Nearby building works can sometimes be a problem and we can only give assurance in this regard at the time of booking and cannot accept responsibility should activity commence without notice during the rental period. Most building work of this nature is undertaken by the local town halls and are often unannounced. In rural settings it is not unusual to hear cocks crow, dogs howl or even encounter the odd rodent.

Should public utility supplies fail, such as water and electricity, or plumbing systems and mechanical equipment fail, we can accept no liability ( as detailed above ), but will do our utmost to keep you informed of these types of problems as we are updated by either the contractors or the town hall.

Swimming pools:
THR do not accept any responsibility for the maintenance or opening times of communal pools.

In order to ensure that private pools are crystal clear during your stay, we work hard to ensure that all pools have the correct chlorine and Ph levels. Water levels in most private pools are maintained by Teamstar Services, (our maintenance division) on a weekly basis. However as a result of expected and normal high temperatures water level maintenance / inspection is undertaken twice per week throughout July and August.

In order to assist in this process we ask that all holidaymakers take a shower before entering the pool and not to enter immediately after applying sun protection cream or similar. If this precaution is not undertaken it invariably results in a "cloudy" pool and with continued use under the same conditions, will result in holiday makers not being able to use the pool particularly during the hottest months of July and August.

If a pool is not clean, we ask holiday makers to call our emergency phone immediately in order for us to send one of our maintenance team to the property in addition to the usual weekly / twice weekly visits. This does not include leaves which might have been blown into the pool.

We would also like to stress, that unlike communal urbanisation pools, not all private pools are gated and it is the parents / adults responsibility to look after any non swimmers / young children in the group. The owner of the property, nor the agent can be held responsible for any swimming pool related accidents that occur as a result of swimming ability or disability.

We ask holiday makers not to take glass near the pool, as broken glass in the pool will result in the pool having to be drained and cleaned at the cost of the holiday makers.

Emergency contact:
Offering the highest levels of customer service is very important to us. Wherever possible we will do our utmost to ensure you have a hassle free holiday.

Our office is open from Monday to Friday 10:00hrs to 19:00hrs, Saturday 10:00hrs to 14:00hrs. In the event of needing to contact us in the first instance please call into our office or call us on the office number during office hours.

An out of hours telephone number is available as well as in the information folder in the property. In the event of a genuine emergency that requires assistance, then this number must be called. Please note you will be required to leave a message, if the nature of your call does not relate to one of the following genuine emergencies, you will be required to call the office telephone number during office hours:

Personal Injury or accident.
Emergency medical treatment.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you lose your keys to the apartment, or if you lock yourself out, or if you leave the key in the lock and then close the door rendering the door locked, these or similar incidents are not emergencies. Keys should always be left in the outside key safe when leaving the property to avoid this eventuality.

Please note this telephone number is used for the express purposes of an emergency as described above. Your emergency call will require you to leave a message stating clearly the nature of the emergency and your booking reference number. If your call is not an emergency or if the nature of your call can be resolved during normal working hours we reserve the right not to return the call. The emergency number is : 661308516. 

Resort developments: 
It is inevitable that most resorts will experience building work from time to time. Local authorities may grant permission to build / alter properties and roads without notice. Unfortunately such building works are beyond our control, however if we are made aware of the situation and we consider it will materially affect your holiday, we will use our best endeavours to advice you in advance.

Alterations by us:
In the unlikely event of us having to alter your holiday due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to do so. We recognize that our reputation is dependent on our providing smooth running and problem free arrangements on all aspects of your holiday and every effort will be made to keep any resultant disruption to a minimum. If the property you have rented is withdrawn from our programme for whatever reason, we will offer you an alternative property with a refund of any difference if applicable. If we are unable to offer you an alternative property we will refund the rental monies minus the 20% non-refundable deposit. We will not be responsible for costs of flights or any other ancillary cost that may have been booked in conjunction with the reservation. Any written price confirmation will also be honoured even if the property price has subsequently increased, as property owners have the right to amend their prices if they wish.

If a taxi is booked via THR either to or from the airport to your accommodation or vice versa or any other type of transportation then the following will apply: 

In the event of a no show the full payment will still be charged and no refund will be available.

In the event of a cancellation and providing that notice of cancellation of at least 6 hours prior to the agreed pick up time is given then a €15.00 euro cancellation charge will be applied. Notification within 6 hours of pick up time will incur the full charge.

Delayed flights / personal check in:
If a personal check in has been booked then the following will apply:

Please remember to call your personal check-in contact telephone number when you leave Malaga airport.

In the event your flight departure is delayed by more than 40 minutes, or your chosen mode of transport is delayed by more than 40 minutes then please call your emergency number to inform our personal check-in team before you leave your airport or point of origin.

In the event of unforeseen delays "en route" which delays your arrival time by at least 40 minutes please telephone your personal check-in contact telephone number.

In the event you do not inform our personal check-in team of a delay by more than 40 minutes then an additional charge of €15.00 euros will be made to the check-in service charge.

We strongly advise that you take out adequate travel insurance for each member of your party. We shall not accept responsibility that would have been covered by a travel insurance.

Group bookings:
We have the right to refuse reservations for parties of 4 or more persons of the same sex. We do not accept group bookings under the age of 25.

Winter bookings:
For bookings that take place between 1st October and 30 April, in properties that have a/c heating units, the purchase or use of additional cooling and or heating devices are not permitted without prior agreement from the owner. If additional heating or cooling is required, then tenants must contact THR, who in turn will use their best endeavour’s to seek approval from the owner to purchase additional equipment. If tenants choose not to request permission from THR then any additional cost of electricity or gas (where applicable) over and above the cost of normal winter consumption as a result of the use of additional heating / cooling devices, will be charged to the tenants. For the avoidance of doubt the cost of the electricity consumption is the responsibility of the holiday maker. THR will collect funds from the holiday maker, for the electricity usage in advance to the value of €80.00 per month for a one bed property, €110.00 per month for a two bed property and €150.00 per month for a three bed property, this is done by debiting the holiday makers credit card. For any winter bookings lasting 4 weeks longer, we ask that holiday makers replace any light bulbs that might blow / break during their stay. We don’t recommend that you use the Chinese shops, as the light bulbs sold there, are of low quality and are likely to last a couple of days only.

In the unlikely event of a complaint you must follow this procedure. Contact us as soon as possible with full details of any problems. You must not independently move to alternative accommodation without giving THR every opportunity to assist you in resolving the problem or complaint. If you do, we reserve the right not to pay any compensation or repayments.

Reasonable time should be allowed for us to act upon/rectify any complaint. Please be aware that the service of plumbers / electricians etc can take longer to materialize in foreign countries, particularly over weekends and public holidays (fiestas).

Holiday maker must inform THR, in writing, of any complaints and or compensation claims, within 7 calendar days of returning to clients usual place of residence. THR will not consider any complaints or compensation claims made to them, after the 7 calendar day ruling.

We cannot accept responsibility for damage, loss or disappointment arising from complaints that we were not given reasonable opportunity to rectify, or of which we were not notified in accordance with this clause.

In the event of any dispute Teamstar Holiday Rentals have the right to take action in the law courts of Torrox, Malaga, Spain.

To Conclude:
Some of these points may seem somewhat excessively onerous, they are not intended as such. They are Terms and Conditions designed to layout the contractual relationship between holiday makers, property owners and THR. If you wish to discuss or seek clarity on any of these points our customer service team is at your disposal.

E-mail communication / data protection:
Please be advised that your e-mail and personal information are incorporated into an automated file which is the responsibility of Team Property Group 2000 S.L. in order to facilitate the administrative and communication with related persons. This data will not be disclosed to third parties. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to Team Property Group S.L. Calle Carabeo 77 bajo, 29780 Nerja, MÁLAGA. Please note this address is Team España, Team Group´s property sales office and is not connected in any way with the holiday rental business other than being part of the same Team Group. 

Owners are advised to take advice on their taxes from a qualified tax accountant or consultant. Teamstar Holiday Rentals does not advise on taxation.

What "we do" and what "we don't do"

As a holiday rental business on the stunning eastern Costa del Sol with over 140 properties, there is plenty that we do for you. There are also, however a number of things that we simply can't do. To make life easier, we have compiled a brief outline of a few do’s and don’ts. Please note that despite how unusual, comical or totally bizarre all of these points may be, they have all in one way or another occurred in the past.

We DO :

We DO order taxis for airport transfers during our office hours (Mon-Fri: 10-7, Sat: 10-2)
We DO answer the emergency phone 24/7
We DO supply a bottle of bubbly for repeat customers!
We DO charge for any emergency calls made out of hours for non urgent matters/emergencies

Non urgent matters include but are not limited to the following examples:
- Wanting us to order a Pizza
- Wanting us to order a Taxi 
- Reporting the TV is not working
- Reporting dogs in the country side are barking and other similar examples

We DO charge for lost keys and locks, often a lost key requires a new lock.
We DO pass your passport details to the authorities (This is a legal requirement)
We DO offer personal check-ins (for a small fee)
We DO supply an extra set of property keys (against a € 20.00 cash deposit, which will be returned)

We DO book excursions
We DO when we say self-catering, mean self-catering for yourselves!
We DO supply one toilet roll per bathroom for when you arrive!
We DO supply holiday extras ( which can be ordered on our booking form)

We DO prepare beds for your arrival with bedding
We DO provide one large and one small towel for the bathroom and a drying up towel for the kitchen 
We DO solve property related problems (We DO have a maintenance team)
We DO supply birthday cakes (at a charge)

We DO offer late check-outs (at a cost) 
We DO provide photo illustrated directions to your property
We DO promise to do our best to ensure you have a fantastic holiday
We DO print boarding passes, which have been emailed to us, ( €1.00 per boarding pass)
We DO realise you have a choice


We DON’T, in the event of left luggage, hold onto holiday makers belongings, we keep them for 2 weeks, and thereafter send them (at client´s request and at their cost) home. If there is no recovery request we send the items to a local cancer charity.

We DON’T pass your credit card details to third parties and are obliged to adhere to data protection legislation
We DON’T take airport transfer requests after 8pm
We DON’T order in-town taxis (from restaurant to villa)
We DON’T charge for calls made to our emergency phone in the case of an emergency

Emergencies and Urgent matters include but are not limited to the following examples:
- If you have locked yourself out
- If you have fallen ill and need a doctor
- If you have lost your wallet etc
- If you have been burgled (very unlikely)
- If you have an accident 

We DON’T take responsibility for bird nests, wasp nests, barking dogs in the country, wild cats (and we DON’T suggest you feed them), power cuts, water supply problems, municipal or urbanization building/remedial works etc.
We DON’T supply, hire cars, D.V.Ds, computer games, push chairs, bicycles, mobile phones, spanish plugs, hairdryers, parasols, rubbish bags, video cameras, slippers, dressing gowns, fire wood, fire-lighters, washing up cloths, cleaning material, charcoal, extra toilet roles, dishwasher salts, etc. 

We DON’T provide a representative service
We DON’T charge a cash deposit
We DON’T have control over the weather (Unfortunately!!)
We DON’T provide torches in order to read our key safes at night.
We DON’T provide logs for wood burning fires in cooler months